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Jorge Miguel Flamenco Ensemble

Jorge Miguel Flamenco Ensemble

Jorge Miguel Flamenco Ensemble

“Passion” is a word that applies to the latest work by Jorge Miguel, to the music and to his commitment to explore the roots of the tradition and to find within that depth the seeds of new possibilities for the ancient art of Flamenco.” — Jowi Taylor – CBC’s Global Village

Flamenco is one of the oldest forms of ‘world’ music inhabiting the contemporary performing arts- passionate, fatalistic music that has deep roots in Andalucía in southern Spain. It has three key elements- the guitar or ‘toque’, the song or ‘cante’ and the dance or ‘baile’. Jorge Miguel’s mission is to offer the flamenco tradition through the fingers, voice and feet of an ensemble committed to its authentic spirit. Jorge Miguel is a Spanish Canadian guitarist and composer from Toronto. His family comes from Cadiz, a city in the flamenco heartland and he has spent much time living and studying there. Flamenco is best learned from ‘the elders’ and Jorge’s teachers included some of the best- Carlos del Rio in Madrid, Augustin ‘Bola’ Carbonell in Seville and other veterans.

Jorge Miguel’s style of Flamenco is full contact, hard-core.  This is the real thing.  Alegrias, Bulerias, Tangos and Sevillanas, the traditional songs and dances passed down through the generations after hundreds of years of development and growth.  The arpeggios, rasgueados and alzapua of the Flamenco guitar, the escobillas, zapateado and llamadas of the Flamenco dancers, the cante jondo and chico of the Flamenco song, and the palmas, castanets and percussion driving the complex compound rhythms.

To realize his vision Jorge has drawn from Toronto’s finest flamenco aficionados- singers who have immersed themselves in the tradition, and percussionists and bassists who are at home in many musical styles and bring Latin and jazz influences to the table as well as a deep knowledge of the flamenco ritmo. Flamenco is only partly about music. Flamenco without dance is like Andalucía without sun and Jorge works with several dancers trained in the best schools of Seville and Jerez, absorbing the tradition while grafting new shoots onto old roots. Together Jorge Miguel and associates create new music that both takes flamenco somewhere new and preserves its duende- an untranslatable Spanish word that means spirit or soul. Olé!

The Jorge Miguel Flamenco Ensemble is represented by Gary Cristall, Vancouver BC.

Tour Concert Performance Schedule

Sunday, January 16/11        Steinbach MB
Presented by Steinbach Arts Council in Grace Mennonite Church

Monday, January 17/11        The Pas MB
Presented by The Pas Arts Council, venue TBA

Tuesday, January 18/11        The Pas MB
School Show facilitated by The Pas Arts Council, venues TBA

Thursday, January 20/11    Carman MB
Presented by Golden Prairie Arts Council in Carman Highschool Theatre

Friday, January 21/11        Pinawa MB
Presented by Eastern Manitoba Concert Association in Pinawa Community Centre

Saturday, January 22/11        Winnipeg MB
Presented by Virtuosi Concerts in Eckhardt-Gramatté Hall

Monday, January 24/11        Virden MB
Presented by Virden Arts Council in The Aud Theatre

Tuesday, January 25/11        Minnedosa MB
Presented by Expressions Concerts in Minnedosa Community Centre Theatre

Thursday, January 27/11    Rosthern SK
Presented by Station Arts in Station Arts Theatre

Friday, January 28/11         Yorkton SK
Presented by Yorkton Arts Council in Anne Portnuff Theatre, Yorkton Regional Highschool

Saturday, January 29/11     Langenburg SK
Presented by Langenburg Arts Council in George Layh Theatre

Tuesday, March 22/11        Edson AB
Presented by Chautaqua Edson Art Council in Red Brick Cultural Centre

Wednesday, March 23/11    Edson AB
Facilitated by Chautaqua Edson Art Council elementary schools TBA

Friday, March 25/11        Fort  McMurray AB
Presented by Keyano Theatre in Keyano Theatre

Saturday, March 26/11        Spruce Grove AG
Presented by City of Spruce Grove in Horizon Stage

Wednesday, March 30/11    Whitehorse Yukon
School shows facilitated by Whitehorse Concerts

Thursday, March 31/11        Haines Junction Yukon
School shows facilitated by Haines Junction Concerts

Friday, April 1/11        Haines Junction Yukon
Presented by Haines Junction Concerts in Haines Junction School

Saturday, April 2/11        Whitehorse Yukon
Presented by Whitehorse Concerts in Yukon Arts Centre

Performance dates and venues are subject to change. Schools shows, workshops & masterclasses in addition to these concerts.  Please contact the local presenter to confirm performance details.