2017-18 | Proteus Saxophone Quartet

The Proteus Saxophone Quartet is redefining the traditional saxophone chamber music experience with their high energy, intense, and diverse performances. Named after the god of the sea, modular and versatile, the Proteus Quartet explores the numerous instrumental combinations of the saxophone family through the creation and performance of chamber music.

2017-18 | Henderson-Kolk Duo

Canada’s own Henderson-Kolk Duo has built their audience’s loyalty with their choice of repertoire, stage charisma and what Wholenote Magazine describes as “a warm and intimate sound.” Since their formation in 2004, they have quickly become one of North America’s premier guitar duos.

2017-18 | The Chooi Brothers

Brothers Nikki and Timothy Chooi are united by a profound understanding and genuine passion for the violin, which renders their musical union extraordinarily rich. Together, they have an intrinsic musical partnership that makes their duo artistry unique and interesting. Pianist Philip Chiu is more than a summation of technical and musical abilities, he has become one of Canada’s leading musicians through his infectious love of music and his passion for communication and collaboration.