2010-11 | Martha Guth, Tyler Duncan and Erika Switzer

Soprano Martha Guth has been acclaimed for her “’thrilling top range, rare breath control and an awesome legato. Singing along with Baritone Tyler Duncan, with “that rare mixture of elegant phrasing and resonant power’, and Erika Switzer, pianist, widely known for her brilliant, expressive, and technically confident playing.

2010-11 | Alessio Bax & Lucille Chung

Not very often do two young and celebrated concert pianists get together on stage on a regular basis and build an extensive repertoire. They have performed together on many of the world’s most prestigious platforms.

2010-11 | Jorge Miguel Flamenco Ensemble

“Passion” is a word that applies to the latest work by Jorge Miguel, to the music and to his commitment to explore the roots of the tradition and to find within that depth the seeds of new possibilities for the ancient art of Flamenco.