2006-07 | Montreal Guitar Trio

Described by the CBC as “the hottest guitar ensemble in Canada”, the MG3 has quickly established itself as a force of rejuvenation and cross-pollenization between various musical forms. Marrying passionate virtuosity with a stealthy sense of humour, guitarists charm the ears and captured the hearts of their ever-expanding audiences.

2006-07 | Gryphon Trio with Barry Shiffman

Prairie Debut is pleased to announce that for this 10th Anniversary Celebration Tour, the Gryphon Trio is joined by PD’s alumnus Barry Shiffman, former member of the St. Lawrence String Quartet who will be taking the position of Director of Music Programs for The Banff Centre.

2006-07 | Denise Djokic and David Jalbert

One of the most captivating young artists of her generation, cellist Denise Djokic has thrilled audiences and critics worldwide with the passion, vigour, and sensitivity of her playing. Pianist David Jalbert is one of the most firebrand talents of the new generation. With his personal style, incomparable stage presence and refined ear, he has convinced audiences and critics everywhere.