Apply for Roadtrip! The Pan-Canadian tour

photo by gloewen photography

Canadian classical music artists are invited to apply to this cross-country tour presented in a partnership between Prairie Debut, Debut Atlantic and JM Canada.

 Application Deadline | December 6, 2021


Travel Canada as a featured artist in Roadtrip! The Pan-Canadian Tour


Following the great success of our inaugural tour, we join Debut Atlantic and JM Canada in announcing the return of the Pan-Canadian tour “Roadtrip!” in the 2023-2024 season.

This is an opportunity for a Canadian artist or ensemble to perform in a classical music tour staged across Canada and the Territories.


  • May be individuals or small ensembles.
  • Must view the discipline as a vocation and be recognized as professional in their artistic discipline by their peers.
  • Must be a Canadian citizen, or have permanent resident status, as defined by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. You do not need to be living in Canada when you apply.
  • One or more members of the ensemble must have a valid driver’s license and be comfortable with highway driving.
  • Must be willing to obtain a police clearance check to be eligible for education outreach activities.

Tour concerts take place in venues of all sizes, from recital halls in professional theatre complexes to churches and the intimate settings of house concerts. The tour will be based on a full-length concert programs, and will include outreach activities such as school concerts and performances at seniors residences, master classes, workshops, and private lessons. Tour routing, concert contracts, travel logistics and organization will be handled for you.

All three of the partner organizations –  Prairie Debut, Debut Atlantic and JM Canada – will be involved in the selection process.

“The pan-Canadian tour has been the experience of a lifetime. Setting foot in so many places across the country in the span of just a few months has given me a better sense of the extraordinary diversity of Canadians and their livelihoods. Each concert felt different and memorable because of the unique energy from each audience. As the tour went along, I found more and more that one of the things that I looked forward to the most with each concert was the chance to talk with our audience members at the end. I will cherish this experience of sharing music with people across Canada for the rest of my life.” 

Meagan Milatz | Inaugural Pan-Canadian Touring Artist