May 2016 |

Prairie Debut’s board and staff completed an amazing strategic planning meeting this past May in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Big ideas were discussed, the mandate reviewed, and the organization looks forward to continuing its role in the arts in western Canada.

Prairie Debut has steadfastly promoted the arts in communities that would otherwise have no opportunity to be enriched by live classical and world music performances of this calibre and financially supporting the tours in order for its viability into these rural areas. In doing so, Prairie Debut contributes to community enrichment, audience growth and emerging artist career development.

Prairie Debut and our artists have travelled the 100,000 kilometres of open prairie roads and byways bringing with them instruments as varied as harpsichords, marimbas, bassoons, accordions, and yes, they have carried multi-million dollar violins onto small prop planes in order to reach northern towns. All this travel to reach over a million Western Canadian’s lives throughout our 19 year history.

We wish to sincerely thank CAPACOA for its support of this meeting through the Capacity Building Program. The weekend was a huge success because of our fantastic facilitator, Jan Layh, who kept everyone on track (and smiling). As always thanks to all the board members: Andrea Davison, Brian DeGagne, Guy Few, Kevin Korchinski, Andrew Kwan, and Elizabeth Wilkie for their enthusiasm and support for Prairie Debut.